Ricoh R1

I received this camera as a gift a few weeks ago. I had been looking for a wide angle lens for a while so I could not believe my luck when I realized that this camera has not only a 30mm full frame lens but also a 24mm wide angle lens. The R1 uses the 24mm lens for panorama photos by using plastic flaps to cover the top and bottom of the negative. This is because the full frame has noticeable vignetting around the edges, which is not considered desirable on a consumer camera. The R1 is very compact, being thinner than a roll of film for the most part. The Ricoh R1 was awarded the “Camera Grand Prix ’95 Special Prize” in Japan.

More info: Camerapedia

Article on Lomography

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I shot a roll of FujiFilm 200 using mainly the 24mm lens. I used the R1 in the automatic point and shoot mode, focusing on the composition of the frame. Below is one of the first photos I took with the camera.

FujiFilm 200009 Edited

After reading reviews and watching a few videos, I found out it is easy to block the small flaps behind the lens, creating full frame wide angle photos. I did this by inserting a small piece of a toothpick into the top square next to the lens and then sanding it flat.  IMG_4043 Edited

The vignetting in the corners gives the photos an extra element that I like.

FujiFilm 200037 Edited

FujiFilm 200023 Edited-2