Holga 120 CFN

I’ve wanted a point and shoot 120 camera with a flash for awhile. I actually wasn’t even planning on buying this camera because I was looking for something of higher quality, but a friend offered it with the box and all pieces for a good price so I said yes.

Holga 120 CFN sold by Lomography in a starter pack bundle with books, film, batteries and electrical tape. IMG_4085 EditedIMG_4080 EditedIMG_4088 Edited

I am very surprised by how the photos came out. After reading about the Holga’s low quality build with plastic lens and possibility for light leaks, I was expecting a blurry mess. The bundle even comes with a roll of electrical tape and instructions on how to cover up the seams to keep light out. While I didn’t tape up all the seals, I did put a flap over the film counter window on the back.


 Link to Lomography Store Page