Focal TLR 35mm SLR

Focal 3Focal 2Focal 1I found this camera at Salvation Army a few months ago for $10. Focal was the brand name of K-Mart who sold rebranded cameras under their own name. The Focal TLR is actually a Petri FTX first produced in 1974.

This is not the lens it came with, but I forgot to switch them before the photo. The lens it came with can be seen here on the Pentax SP1000. The light meter does not work but this does not affect the functions of the camera itself. The camera is very large and somewhat heavy and has the shutter release on the front of the body which takes some getting used to. I shot half a roll of Ilford 3200 @1600 to test it and they turned out better than I expected.

Photos from Focal TLR

Focal TLR - Ilford 1600009 Edited