Yashica MG-1


The MG-1 was released in 1975. It is a leaf-shuttered 35mm coupled-rangefinder camera with aperture-priority automatic exposure. The MG-1 has a 45mm f/2.8 Yashinon lens.

I bought this camera on eBay for $10. It is slightly bigger and heavier than I expected but does not feel bulky. Instead it feels solid and well built. The exposure system is very easy to use but the rangefinder focusing is not very bright, making it hard to see in low light. The camera is focused by aligning a diamond in the center of the viewfinder. When the image is lined up, the picture is in focus. The battery it takes, a 5.6V PX32 is not available anymore, but two batteries equalling the original voltage fit into the battery compartment without any hassle, making it very easy to find and install a replacement.

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Camera Specifications

From thecamerasite

  • Film type 135 (35mm)
  • Picture size 24mm x 36mm
  • Lens Yashinon f/2.8 45mm lens, four elements in three groups.
  • Shutter Electronic-controlled leaf-type shutter with continuously variable speeds from 1/500 sec. to about 2 seconds; built-in self-timer; direct X contact shoe. Shutter speed sets automatically at 1/30 sec. when Auto lever is adjustable to flash setting.
  • Viewfinder Bright frame finder with parallax correction marks; shows yellow and red exposure indicator arrows.
  • Exposure meter Fully automatic ‘Top-Eye’ CdS exposure control; precise shutter speed assuring correct exposure is set automatically through pre selection of exposure symbol (lens aperture); EV range from EV2 to 17 (ASA 100); exposure indicator lamps in viewfinder and on camera top-yellow signaling slow shutter speed.
  • ASA range From ASA 25; to 800
  • Film Advance Single action film advance lever advances the exposed frame and cocks the shutter.
  • Battery One 5.6V mercury battery (Eveready E164, UCAR E 164, Mallory PX32 or equivalent.)
  • Size and Weight; 140.6 x 72 x 82 mm; ~620 g

Yashica MG-1 Manual

Photos from Yashica MG-1