Mamiya 528AL


The Mamiya 528AL is a fixed lens leaf-shutter SLR introduced in 1975 and replacing the 528TL. It has a match-needle TTL CdS lightmeter. It offers a shutter priority exposure program, switchable to non-metered, manual mode.  It is the last leaf-shutter SLR made by Mamiya.

I don’t remember when or where I got this camera but I used it extensively about 5 years ago. It’s heavy but feels very solid. The lens is not removable but it is a fully manual SLR. The most annoying thing about this camera for me is the leatherette covering on the body that will not stay stuck on, no matter how many times I try to super glue it back on. Unfortunately, the shutter is not working properly anymore. I will get it serviced one day.


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