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The Canon Sure Shot 105 Zoom S Date puts the power of a 2.8x zoom right at your fingertips in an attractive, compact camera. Zoom from 38mm to 105mm at the touch of a button. The latest in a long line of high quality, easy-to-use and affordable compact cameras from Canon, the Sure Shot 105 Zoom S Date also features Canon’s 3-point Smart Autofocus, Best Shot Dial, and Exposure Control. The high-speed 2.8x zoom lens lets you create dazzling pictures that will impress friends and family. At the touch of a button you can zoom in for richly detailed intimate close-ups. Then, zoom out for a bold wide-angle that captures the entire scene.Canon’s 3-point Smart Autofocus technology uses three focusing sensors to “read” the scene and automatically set the precise focus – even when your subject is off center. For more creativity, select Center 1-point focusing for precise focus of a single subject. With Canon’s best shot dial, you’ve got 5 shooting modes to choose from right at your fingertips. Thanks to these modes, you’ll always shot with confidence knowing you can handle any situation that comes your way. Choose from auto, portrait, night-scene, real-time release or spot metering mode.By increasing the distance between the lens and flash unit, the retractable multi-mode light guide flash significantly reduces the “red-eye effect”. Plus, the camera also features Canon’s built-in Red-Eye Reduction mini-lamp that fires before the flash, virtually eliminating those spooky red eyes. You also have Slow-Sync for evenly illuminated nighttime pictures at the touch of a button. With the Sure Shot 105 Zoom S Date, you’ve got the ability to override the exposure to deliberately lighten or darken a photo. Setting the Exposure Compensation to +1.5 EV gives a lighter result — ideal for portraits against a bright sky. The – 1.5 EV setting does just the opposite, darkening the scene for a dramatic effect.Dioptric Adjustment allows you to adjust the camera to accommodate your individual eyesight and make shooting more relaxed and comfortable. With the Sure Shot 105 Zoom S Date, you have the ability to record the date or time right on the pictures. Programmed through 2049, you have the option of imprinting year/month/day, month/day/year, day/hour/month (24 hour display), or no imprint.

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