Beier Beirette

Beier front

I bought this Beier Beirette on eBay for about $30 from Bulgaria. There seems to be many similar versions but I am fairly sure that this one was made in 1974 in East Germany. I bought it because I like the look of it and because it is fully manual, with settings for shutter speed, aperture and focus. The camera is in good condition except for the shutter release button which is missing the plastic cover from the top of it. This does not affect the operation of the camera at all.

Beier side Beier top Beier back Beier case


From Camerapedia

  • Type: viewfinder camera
  • Manufacturer: Kamerafabrik Woldemar Beier KG – Freital, partially private East German company
  • Year of launch: 1958
  • Film: 35mm
  • Lens: Meyer Trioplan 1:3.5/45mm or Ludwig Meritar 1:2.8/45mm
  • Shutter: Junior-II, Modell II or Priomat with speeds 30, 60, 125, and B
  • Viewfinder: optical, early versions were ocular shiftable for parallax correction

 Photos from Beier Beirette

Coming Soon – The first roll is almost finished