Argus C3

Argus 1Argus 2Argus 4Argus 3This was my Christmas present to myself. I found it on eBay for $17. The listing said that the focussing wheel is stiff and that the leatherette was coming off of the front. I reglued the leatherette with super glue and it seems fine now. I don’t see any problem with the focussing wheel. It is slightly harder to turn that it may have been when new but it turns smoothly without any sticking or grinding feeling to it. The camera is large and heavy, which is why it has been nicknamed “The Brick.” ┬áThe leather case, which is in very good condition for its age, adds even more size to the camera. It is very strong and solid feeling.

The C3 was produced from 1939-1966 and was used to take many famous WWII photographs.